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Improve your scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, tracking your field techs

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Sync all your data between field and office in real time.

Automate Your Business and Turn Techs into Sales Superstars With Our Electrician Software


FieldSurf brings your electrical business into the 21st century. It integrates every function of your service business on a single platform, it:

  • Automates your dispatching and scheduling function,
  • GPS mapping allows you to locate any of your field technicians at any time,
  • Creates Work Orders and Invoices,
  • Emails the invoice to your customer at the completion of the assignment,
  • Automates your accounting procedures so you always know the status of every account – billed, not billed, paid, not paid, past due etc.

FieldSurf even manages your inventory, so you always know how much product and supplies you have on hand, and you are alerted when you need to reorder. FieldSurf’s electrician software gives you total control of your electrical business like nothing else.

Your electrical technicians will love FieldSurf. It keeps them in touch with the company like no other system. FieldSurf dispatches technicians electronically, they find their destination easily using the GPS aspect of the system, they can use the system to show video and images from the job site to share with management and get advice, and it allows them to instantly bill their customers, which means you get paid faster.

And your dispatching and scheduling people will also love FieldSurf. Scheduling and Dispatch are now done electronically with our electrician software. A few clicks and a new job is posted to the schedule, and the electrical technician is informed. If a job has been scheduled previously, the technician can look at his assignments going forward a few days. If the assignment came in after the technician last clocked out, he can check the schedule when he next clocks in, without needing to get in touch with your office and without your office needing to contact your technicians by phone to advise them of new assignments.

FieldSurf lets anyone in your company access the Schedule at any time from any location — even remotely using a smartphone. No more paperwork, no more duplicate orders or invoices, no more lost dispatch orders, no more mistakes. The dispatcher’s instructions to the technicians are recorded permanently in FieldSurf’s database.  That way disputes and disagreements can be resolved. The customer’s instructions, the dispatcher’s instructions, the technician’s notes, and your instructions are permanently recorded if needed in dispute resolution.

As the manager of an electrical installation business, you can stay on top of all your technicians in the field with FieldSurf. You can instantly communicate with your technicians using FieldSurf’s unique integrated SMS text feature. If the technician will be late arriving at the customer’s location, the customer is informed of the delay. Customers really appreciate knowing exactly when your technician will be arriving so they don’t have to sit around waiting. And if the customer unexpectedly delays arrival time, your technician is immediately notified about the change – so he can go and get that quick burger and Coke without keeping anyone waiting. You can use the video feature of FieldSurf to remotely examine an issue at a customer’s site, and guide your technician accordingly. With FieldSurf, you always know when a technician has arrived at a job site, when he has billed the customer and when he has left for the next assignment. You can immediately look at the invoice he just emailed the technician – if there are any problems, you can find them instantly and solve them immediately.

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Best Electrician Software on the Market

  • Automate scheduling and Dispatching
  • Track your field techs in real time
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Track inventory held by your technicians
  • Instant electronic invoicing
  • Control everything from one dashboard

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