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FieldSurf is the field service management software that is taking the pest control business by storm. Busy owners of pest control companies with several technicians in the field, are using FieldSurf to make Dispatching and Scheduling a breeze. No more double-booking, no more Post-It notes, no more mistakes. It’s all done from a single dashboard accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. And your customer gets invoiced electronically on completion of the job. Faster billing means you get paid faster.


Need to know where your pest control technicians are at any time? FieldSurf’s unique GPS system instantly locates each of your field technicians on a map. You always know when a technician has arrived at a customer’s location because the technician uses FieldSurf to clock in and out of the job site. So there’s never any doubt about how many hours any tech put in at any customer location. FieldSurf then uses this information to instantly calculate payroll due for each employee in any period.


FieldSurf also gives you a huge amount of business analytics information — all in real time. In an instant, you can know what sales you’ve made in the last week, month or year, and can compare it with any other period in your company’s history. FieldSurf calculates the net cost of each job, so you always know exactly how much money you’re making on each job – and with each technician. You can use our pest control software to let you know how your technicians are performing, which ones are doing well, and which ones may need some encouragement. In the old days, generating these kinds of reports used to take hours if not days. With FieldSurf, you can access this information at any time – from your desktop, a tablet computer, or from a smartphone in any location.


FieldSurf is also one of the very few integrated systems that allow you to control your Inventory from the same dashboard. It always tells you when you use up products or supplies, and informs you when you are running low, so you never run out of anything.


Your office staff will love FieldSurf, and your field technicians will love FieldSurf. It makes everyone’s job easier, less time is wasted, and your pest control business ends up making more money than you ever did before – with less work. See if our pest control software is right for you. Fill out your info below and we will get your free demo scheduled!

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Best Pest Control Software on the Market

  • Automate scheduling and Dispatching
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  • Improve your customer experience
  • Track inventory held by your technicians
  • Instant electronic invoicing
  • Control everything from one dashboard

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