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If you own a business installing appliances and you have several appliance installers out working in the field at the same time, there is a program on the market that will make your job a whole lot easier. FieldSurf, the most advanced field service management software on the market, will change the way you do business.


With FieldSurf, you can control every aspect of your installation business. Scheduling and dispatching are now a breeze – it’s all done electronically. No more paperwork, no more double-booking. Your installers are informed of their assignments electronically, and the customer is automatically advised of your installer’s arrival time. If your client can’t make the appointment at exactly the right time, FieldSurf informs your installer that the customer will be late. If your installer is late and can’t make the customer’s location on time, the customer is informed of the installer’s exact arrival time. This one feature saves you time and lots of headaches, and eliminates most common errors in scheduling & dispatching.


One of FieldSurf’s major features is its ability to accurately calculate payroll — especially if you have several appliance installers in the field. And it’s done with a minimum of paperwork. The entire payroll function can be handled with FieldSurf, replacing other programs. Your field appliance installers clock in on FieldSurf when they start their work day. They clock in again when they arrive at the customer’s location. They clock out from the customer’s location when they leave the premises, and they clock out for the day when they are done for the day. And you can stay on top of everything: you always know in real time exactly where all your installers are at any time, and you know when they’ve arrived at a job and when they’ve completed the work and billed the customer. FieldSurf’s software for appliance installers takes all this information and instantly gives your accounting department everything it needs to start writing payroll checks.


And you, as the boss, can look at any of these figures at any time. If you have had a large amount of extra week this month, you will need money available at the bank to meet payroll. FieldSurf lets you know at all times exactly how many hours have been clocked this week so you will know exactly how much payroll is due. When it’s quieter, and you may need to restrict/cut hours, FieldSurf instantly tells you what to do — and tells you if you’re doing it right.


Bring your appliance installation business into the 21st century with FieldSurf. This revolutionary software for appliance installers lets you manage and control your business from a single dashboard. It can also be accessed from any location using a smartphone. FieldSurf’s GPS system lets you know where every installer is at any given time. FieldSurf automatically creates Work Orders and Invoices. The customer is billed electronically on completion of the work. Faster billing means you get paid faster. And your accounting department will love FieldSurf — you can instantly tell which accounts have been billed, which accounts have been paid, and which accounts are still outstanding.

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