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FieldSurf is the most revolutionary locksmith software on the market. FieldSurf allows you to take complete control of your locksmith business.


It streamlines and simplifies every aspect of your operation: scheduling, dispatching, and tracking your technicians in the field. FieldSurf lets your technician bill your customers electronically, so they get their invoice faster and you get paid faster. FieldSurf lets you manage your accounting department from anywhere – you always know in real time which invoices are still unpaid, and which accounts are now past due. FieldSurf is also unique in that it allows you total control of your inventory – so you always know exactly how much product you have in your warehouse and when you need to reorder so you don’t run out and lose sales.


One of FieldSurf’s key features is its ability to let you see where every one of your technicians is at any given time. FieldSurf’s locksmith software produces a GPS map of your service area, and pinpoints the exact location of each of your technicians. The system advises you when the technician arrives at a customer’s location, then tells you when he has completed the assignment and has left the customer’s location after submitting the bill. If you have a technician working in Malibu and another working in Orange County, when you get an emergency lockout call from Santa Monica, the dispatcher can easily tell which technician is nearest to the new location, and can dispatch the technician closest to that location.


Your field service technicians can use FieldSurf for all communication between all members of your staff. It informs them of new assignments, so they don’t have to call into the office and you don’t need to call them. They are texted automatically with all the details of the customer’s issue and what needs to be done to resolve it. FieldSurf allows total intra-company communication by text, voice, video and audio. If a technician has a problem and needs help from a supervisor, FieldSurf allows your technician to post pictures or video of the situation at the customer’s location. Management can then accurately assess the situation and discuss possible solutions with the technician.


FieldSurf’s locksmith software lets you manage your entire business from a single dashboard. Everything about your business can be managed and controlled from any location. It handles your inventory like no other field service management system. You always know exactly how much product you have in your warehouse and in your technicians’ trucks, and you never run out of product because FieldSurf always tells you when you are running low and need to reorder.

If you run a busy lock and key service with several technicians in the field at any one time, FieldSurf will change your life. You and your staff become more efficient, everyone enjoys their job more, and you make more money, because with FieldSurf you are on top of everything, paperwork is vastly reduced, duplicate scheduling and billing are totally eliminated. And FieldSurf’s business analytics reports always let you know exactly where your business stands at any given time.

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Best Locksmith Software on the Market

  • Automate scheduling and Dispatching
  • Track your field techs in real time
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Track inventory held by your technicians
  • Instant electronic invoicing
  • Control everything from one dashboard

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