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Software for Garage Door Installers

If you have a garage door business and you have several garage door installers working in the field at any one time, FieldSurf will change the way you do business. FieldSurf’s field service management software for garage door installers automates every function of your business. It allows you to control every aspect of your business, making you more efficient. FieldSurf lets you schedule and dispatch your garage door installers automatically. No more double-booking or errors in scheduling. GPS lets your technicians find their location easily. And our GPS map lets you locate all your technicians instantly.


FieldSurf also allows you complete control of your inventory. It always tells you exactly how much inventory you have in your warehouse, and how much inventory each of your technicians has in his truck.


One of the principal features of FieldSurf is the way it enables you to invoice your customers electronically. When your installer has completed his assignment at your customer’s location, the customer signs off on the invoice upon satisfactory completion of the work, and the Invoice is sent instantly to the customer’s Inbox from your installer’s smartphone. If your customer gets his Invoice faster, it means you get paid faster.


Once an Invoice has been submitted, FieldSurf prevents the technician from opening the invoice again. This is is a major security feature, and prevents theft: the technician cannot change or alter the invoice after it has been transmitted to the customer. FieldSurf also prevents instances where an installer may try to take the money himself instead of submitting it to the company. It is difficult to impossible for your field installers to cheat you on invoicing.


FieldSurf gives you complete control of your entire payroll function. When an installer starts his work day, he clocks in with FieldSurf. And when he arrives at the customer’s location, he clocks into the location. When he has completed his installation at one location, the technician then clocks out of the job site, and at the end of the day he clocks out from the system. FieldSurf records all this activity and uses it to calculate payroll due to each technician for the current period. The system will automatically calculate hours worked as well as any commission due. And FieldSurf calculates the cost of each job and gives you the net profit on each job.


Your accounting department will love FieldSurf. Not only does it make payroll a dream by automatically calculating payroll due, it can also tell you the exact status of all your bills at any one time. With a few clicks, you can instantly tell whether an invoice has been submitted, whether or not an invoice has been paid, and also tells you the status of all accounts which are past due.


There is nothing on the market like FieldSurf. It automates and streamlines your entire garage door installation business. Scheduling and Dispatching are now fully automated and easier than ever before. FieldSurf’s software for garage door installers lets you control all your inventory, so you always know what you have on hand and when to reorder so you never run out. It lets you control your entire accounting function, simplifying everything from payroll to accounts receivable. Your garage door installers will love FieldSurf. Your dispatchers will love FieldSurf. Your accounting department will love FieldSurf. And you will love FieldSurf for the way it automates your garage door business, makes your staff more efficient, gives a better experience to your customers, and — best of all — you make more money when you automate your garage door business with FieldSurf.

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Best Garage Door Installer Software on the Market

  • Automate scheduling and Dispatching
  • Track your field techs in real time
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Track inventory held by your technicians
  • Instant electronic invoicing
  • Control everything from one dashboard

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