Affordable Appliance Repair Software to Help You Scale

Being skillful is important in running a service business. But It will only help you deliver services excellently. Your customers might see you as a good handyman, the Mr. fix it all that knows how to repair every fault in an appliance, but at the end of the day, the fact remains that you still have a business to run and while being good at repairs is a big part of the deal, running the business effectively, growing and making profits is the goal in the long run. What you need is a great appliance repair software to help you automate everything.

To run and grow your appliance repair business, you need more than your skills and knowledge in repairs. You need to know how to meet your customers demand when and where they need it without any glitch. That is what will keep them coming back to you and even refer others to your company. You need your books right too. Your accounting has to be on point. You need to be on top of your business at every point in time knowing where you stand so that you can prepare ahead.

Essentially, every aspect of your business must be within your grasp always. That is where appliance repair software comes into play. You need to be in full control which by now you know isn’t really easy. There are so many things to take care of and it’s hard to handle all aspects of business without anything slipping out of your hand. Even with top quality staff and an organized office, it might still be hard to run the business without running into a problem. But the 21st-century business world is easy for those who know their way around things. With a software like FieldSurf, growing your appliance repair company becomes a breeze.

FieldSurf is the all in one solution for all your business needs both simple and complex. Completely automating your business gives you total control over every aspect of it so that you can not only run your business effectively, you can steer it forward in all directions. Here are five 5 top ways FieldSurf’s appliance repair software helps you grow your appliance repair business.

Scheduling has Never Been Easier

There are many of us who always have a hard time managing schedules. Some of us have an effective front desk who do a very neat job in keeping everything crisp and organized and make sure there are no issues or clashes in scheduling and dispatching. But even the most effective of staff need a little help and those struggling with it can do it like a pro with the right tool. And what better tool is there for handling scheduling and dispatch better than our field service management software.

appliance repair technician

With our appliance repair software, errors in scheduling and delays in dispatching are eliminated. FieldSurf automates the process of organizing a perfect schedule for your staff. Every work order that comes in is categorized based on the type and every detail necessary is recorded. The software helps you keep track of new orders and monitor which field technician is available to answer a call for your service.

Communication is a Breeze

FieldSurf’s SMS interface helps you save time usually lost on communicating with your staff and makes communication between your field technician and your dispatchers very easy and effective.

The Geofencing feature also helps you cut your response time by locating the all your technicians in the field and dispatching the person best positioned for the job based on their location and proximity to the order and availability. It is bye-bye to the days of double booking staff and delays in communication.

Accounting and Reporting

So here is another place business owners always have issues. As a repair expert, it is easy to understand why you find fixing circuits much easier than figuring out how to keep the books. But you know it’s not an excuse if you want to grow your business so you got yourself a brilliant accounting team. But when you need some accounting information about your business you find yourself waiting for days despite the fact that your team uses an accounting software to keep track of things. But with FieldSurf you can stop worrying about balanced sheets and start focusing on those broken appliances, they need you more.

FieldSurf helps take the load completely off you and your accounting team when it comes to keeping the books. You have access to where your company stands every time and you don’t have to wait for days of paperwork to get it. With just a few clicks of the mouse or just a few swipes on the screen of your mobile device, you get access to everything accounting in your company. Your financial report is prepared in real time and is available instantly on the go.

You can even do more than just looking through the numbers. FieldSurf allows you to be a better manager of your business and better strategists by comparing data between different business periods. You can know which period of the month business is moving better, when customers call in, and when sales are dropping. With all this information you are a better-equipped planner and can grow your business better than ever before.

Payroll Management is So Much Easier

Keep your staff happy and keep the business running smoothly with FieldSurf. You know how difficult it is to prepare your workers payroll. You need to effectively keep track of their working hours and calculate each person’s pay including bonuses without error. That’s a lot of paperwork you can simply avoid with FieldSurf. Our software doubles as a clock book for your workers and keeps track of how much time they have been working for you. Then, the software automatically prepares their pay anytime you need it. The fact that you can access this information anytime you want makes it all the better. You don’t have to wait for the end of a pay period. And you can access each of your worker’s payroll information anytime you need it.

Payments and Invoicing

When it comes to processing payments for your company, the best way to handle it is using FieldSurf. FieldSurf helps you avoid all the issues associated with preparing invoices and sending them to your customer. You will agree that it takes some time on your part to process an invoice and send it to your clients. This delays payments even after the work is done which isn’t good for business. With FieldSurf, you don’t ever have to worry about preparing and sending invoices ever again. Invoices are prepared each time you get an order and sent to your client’s email instantly when you finish repairing their appliances and they are satisfied with it.

You can also take advantage of this feature and process payments on-site rather than wait for days for your clients to respond to the invoice you sent. With FieldSurf, you can get paid faster and move your business forward without stress. To learn more about our appliance repair software, please give us a call or schedule your free demo below.


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