FieldSurf is changing the way garage door installers conduct their business. It has already changed other service businesses: it has changed the plumbing industry, it has changed the electrical industry, it has changed the locksmith industry, it has changed the HVAC industry, and as the garage door installation industry discovers FieldSurf, it is starting to change the business for garage door installers. With FieldSurf, garage door installers now have a significantly easier time, they become more efficient, their job is made easier – and they love it.

Before FieldSurf, garage door installers needed to use a variety of non-compatible programs to run their businesses. You used to need a separate program for Scheduling, another one for Work Orders and Invoices, and another one to control your Inventory. Your accounting function was handled by yet another program, you calculated employee hours worked and payroll due with still another program, and if you wanted to generate business reports, you needed yet another program. And none of these programs could generate reports in real time. You would have to generate the report yourself or ask your department personnel to generate reports, and then you would have a meeting and go over everything. Now, with FieldSurf, all your business functions are integrated into a single program.

Fieldsurf is easy to use and requires no special computer knowledge. If you can use a computer, you can be up and running with FieldSurf on the first day. Simply register with FieldSurf, download the app from the Play Store, import your customer data, and you are up and running. If you’ve been using Quickbooks to handle your accounting, FieldSurf integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks.

Before the advent of FieldSurf, garage door installers were – like all other service businesses – dependant on a number of programs to get your work done. Today, thanks to FieldSurf, the garage door installation industry gets a huge amount of help. Your garage door installers have an easier time on their job: they always know where they are scheduled to go next, the Invoice is automatically generated by the program, and your installers can instantly bill the customer at the end of the job. The customer signs off on the work once it has been satisfactorily completed, and the customer gets the Invoice sent instantaneously to his/her Inbox. In the “olden days”, before FieldSurf, your installers would need to return to the office, hand in triplicate copies of the Work Order and the Invoice, and the accounting department would have to be responsible for sending out the Invoice and seeing that it had been paid. FieldSurf lets you bill your clients instantly – meaning you get paid faster.

With FieldSurf, you, your dispatcher, and anyone else in your company knows exactly where all your installers are at any one time. Dispatching and Scheduling are made so much easier with FieldSurf. Your installer is informed of his next job assignment as soon as it comes in. FieldeSurf’s GPS map pinpoints the  location of every installer in the field, so the dispatcher can assign the next job to the nearest technician. FieldSurf reduces the amount of time that your field personnel need to spend on the phone with the office. Everyone in your company is in instant communication with everyone else, whether in the office or in the field: SMS communication keeps everyone on the same page. And it keeps a permanent record of all communications for any future use, which can very handy when you need to resolve disputes between customers or employees.

FieldSurf also has capability for handling images, audio and video. If a garage door installer experiences a problem in the field with a job, he can take pictures or video with his smartphone, and, using FieldSurf, transmit the pictures/video to his supervisor or to you, the boss, and you can then work collaboratively to solve the problem.

And FieldSurf manages your Inventory like no other field service management system on the market. Today. Simply scan images of your products into FieldSurf, scan in the UPC product barcode, and you always know exactly what inventory you have in your warehouse. FieldSurf will tell you when you are low on productor supplies, and advises you to reorder before you run out of anything. And FieldSurf lets individual technicians register inventory and tools they have taken out of the warehouse and placed in their truck. When the installer sells a product, that item is immediately added to the Invoice and simultaneously deducted from the installer’s inventory. So you always know exactly what product was sold by which installer – and how much product you still have on hand.

With FieldSurf, your garage door installers instantly become more efficient. And your dispatchers and schedulers become more efficient. Everyone is on the same page and everyone – management and staff – always know exactly what’s going on around your company – in real time. FieldSurf generates reports in real time, so you always know exactly what your sales are for the current period, which installers are making the most money, and which installers are underperforming. FieldSurf calculates profit/loss on each job performed. You can compare sales over any previous period. FieldSurf always tells you, the owner of a garage installation business, exactly where your business is standing at any particular time.

When you need to generate reports, FieldSurf is unmatched. No other program allows you to do as much as  FieldSurf does. No more emailing the accounting department asking them to generate a report on anything from past-due accounts to calculating payroll. FieldSurf generates these and many other reports in real time. You can generate these reports yourself, so can anyone in your company who has been designated with Admin-level status. The accounting department can generate the same reports, and you can both analyze them independently instead of sitting through hours of meetings. Double-billing is completely eliminated with FieldSurf. Your entire garage door installation business becomes instantly more efficient.

And you make more money. Because you have better control of your business, you make more money in your garage door installation business with FieldSurf. Management of quotes and jobs means you make more money per ticket. Instant electronic billing means you get paid faster. Inventory control means you don’t lose money because you’ve run out of a product or supplies. And the instant reporting function of FieldSurf lets you know at all times exactly what’s going on in every department of your business and what needs your immediate attention. You will love FieldSurf. Your dispatchers and schedulers will love FieldSurf. Your Inventory personnel will love FieldSurf. Your accounting department will love FieldSurf. It makes your garage door installation business so much easier and so much more efficient. There’s nothing like it.


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