Looking to Increase Your HVAC Sales? Make Sure You Have These HVAC Software Features.

You’re running an HVAC business and – like any other business owner – you want to increase sales. You’ve heard a lot about all kinds of new HVAC software features that can instantly automate service companies and help them grow. But now you need to do some research to find out exactly what are the HVAC software features you really need to grow your HVAC business.

But you need to do something.

Under the old way, you had a different system for each function of your HVAC business. These systems may have involved paper, lots of handwriting, Post-Notes everywhere, and even if you use computers, your different systems don’t integrate with each other.  It’s a big headache. And there are a lot of errors, duplication, sending techs to the wrong address and so on.

Then, if you want to track your techs in the field, you need to install GPS devices and pay a separate company for a GPS location service where you can track and pinpoint the exact location of each of your techs in the field.

Then there’s payroll calculation. A separate system is used by your staff to clock in and out of work and of job sites. This information then has to be imported into a system to calculate payroll. This requires a lot of manual data input.

Right now, you probably use a separate computer system to keep control of your Inventory. And this computer is often situated in your warehouse. So when you want to know how much of any item you have on hand right now, you may have to physically go to your warehouse and look up the information on that computer. And any information you would get would not reflect sales made previously until they have been entered into this system.

Then your accounting function and your reporting functions used more different systems.

Now, with fields service management software, you can automate your entire business in a single step. You say you’ve already figured this out and are using field service management software to increase HVAC sales? There are many different types of automation software on the market that promise to do all kinds of things for your HVAC business. Are you using the right one?  There is only one field service management system on the market right now that has all the HVAC software features you are looking for to truly automate your HVAC business. FieldSurf has all the HVAC software features you need in one place from a single dashboard – or even from your smartphone.

Let’s look at the incredible HVAC software features in FieldSurf and how they can help you increase your HVAC sales.


Scheduling is now completely automated with FieldSurf. No more paperwork, no more errors, no more duplication of orders, no more sending techs to the wrong address. And a permanent electronic record of every transaction is kept and is available at any time in case of a problem or dispute.


Dispatching is also completely automated with FieldSurf. Your dispatcher can consult FieldSurf’s GPS map and instantly locate the nearest technician to the next incoming job and can dispatch accordingly.hvac software features in action

GPS Technician Location

Another unique feature of FieldSurf is its GPS Tech Tracker feature. The location of every one of your technicians in the field can be accurately pinpointed on FieldSurf’s GPS map. And FieldSurf takes GPS capabilities one step further by using geofencing, which allows FieldSurf to notify you — or anyone else you designate in your company —  when a technician leaves Beverly Hills and enters the West Hollywood geographic boundary. You can even set up FieldSurf to notify you or anyone else in your company when a technician’s service vehicle activates FieldSurf’s geofencing feature.

Integrated SMS Texting

Perhaps the most unique feature of FieldSurf and what makes it stand out in a very crowded field is its built-in SMS texting capabilities. Texting is an important part of business communication in an HVAC company. But your company texting must be integrated into your entire business operation. FieldSurf does this. Technicians in the field are informed of new assignments by SMS texting. Your customers are informed by integrated SMS texting about their tech’s arrival time, plus any delays if they happen. Customers really appreciate this improvement in customer service.

Inventory Control

Every business needs to have a handle on Inventory control. FieldSurf gives you Inventory control in a way that is perhaps totally unique in the field service management business. Every item that comes into and goes out of your warehouse is tracked by FieldSurf’s Inventory module. When your tech makes a sale, that item is deducted both from his inventory and from the =inventory in your warehouse. You always know how much inventory you have on hand, and with FieldSurf’s incredible HCAV software features to manage inventory, you never run out of product because FieldSurf always lets you know how much product you have and will alert you when to reorder so you never run of product and lose that sale.

Work Order, Invoice

FieldSurf automates the generation of your Work Orders and leaves a permanent electronic record of every transaction while eliminating all that paperwork. Remember Work Orders and Invoices in triplicate? No more. One of the amazing HVAC software features of FieldSurf is that it automatically generates an Invoice every time you generate a new Work Order. That way, you don’t \send out a tech on a job and there is no invoice to give the customer. FieldSurf lets you send your invoices electronically, sending them to your customer’s email directly from your field tech’s smartphone. And when you bill faster, you get paid faster. You can’t beat that.

Anis its ability to automate your entire accounting function, including calculating your payroll. FieldSurf also can generate an unlimited number of financial reports, so you always know where your business stands at any one time. Need to know how much sales you have generated so far this month? FieldSurf tells you that with a few clicks. Need to compare this month’s sales to an equivalent period last year, FieldSurf gets that information to you in a heartbeat. Need to know how much money you make on each job or which of your field techs is performing the best, FieldSurf puts that information at your fingertips. And if you’ve been using Quickbooks, you’ll be thrilled to know that FieldSurf integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks.


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