The Fastest Way to Increase Plumbing Sales? Automation.

Every owner of every business wants to increase sales and make more money. This is just as true in the home service business as it is in any other business. If you own a plumbing company, you want to increase plumbing sales. The surest and fastest way to achieve your goal to increase your plumbing sales is to automate your entire plumbing business with a single system which will unify every aspect of your plumbing business and put your entire business in the palm of your hand. Field service management software is designed to automate your entire business with a single piece of software. FieldSurf is one of the leading software systems today that allows you to get up and running the day you sign up, it’s easy to learn and easy to use, and you can start to increase plumbing sales immediately.

Automating your business with FieldSurf means you immediately become efficient. Every department in your plumbing business will use FieldSurf and everyone will know what’s going on in every department of your business.

FIeldSurf is loaded with features that automate every aspect of your plumbing business. It totally automates your Scheduling and Dispatching function, and it tracks the location of all your technicians in the field. FieldSurf automates your accounting function, giving you instant realtime access to all your company’s financial information. All these features make your business more effieicnt and help you increase plumbingsales.

But FieldSurf has a number of superb features which specifically enable your field technicians to increase plumbing sales.

Let’s examine these sales features of FieldSurf and see how it is the one software program which is the surest and fastest way to increase plumbing sales for your company.

Price Book

How many times have your technicians lost sales because they didn’t know the price of a particular item? Do all your plumbing techs know the price of every item you carry? Very unlikely. FieldSurf has a great module called Price Book. This allows you to enter the price of every item you have in your warehouse — every water heater, every toilet system, every pipe, every connection, every part. It also allows you to enter the prices for your services during regular business hours and for emergency after-hours service. You can’t sell anything if you don’t give your customer a price. With FieldSurf’s price Book, your guys in the field always know the price of every part and service you provide. When asked, they can instantly look up the price on their smartphone at the customer’s location, and can at least give your customer a quote.

Inventory Module

FieldSurf’s Inventory module is unique in the home service business. FieldSurf lets you scan in an image of every product you have when it arrives in your warehouse. If a technician takes an item out of your warehouse and puts it in his vehicle, FieldSurf documents that action. When your technician sells any item to your customer, FieldSurf documents that sale and deducts that item from your Inventory. With FieldSurf, you always know exactly how much inventory you have at any time. And of course, it will inform you when you get down to a pre-determined level of any item so you can reorder and never run out of product or supplies. If a customer asks your tech about the price of replacing and installing a new toilet or water heater, your tech knows instantly what product is available and at what price. With FieldSurf’s Inventory module and Price Book module, your field techs will now be able to increase plumbing sales and will have no more excuses to not make sales.

SMS Messaging

Another way that FieldSurf is a driver to increase plumbing sales is with its built-in SMS messaging capabilities. Before you had everything automated, if your tech was with a customer in the field and the customer asked a question that the tech couldn’t answer, the tech would have to call in to the office and ask to speak to you or to a supervisor. And if the person he needed to talk to was on the phone or in a meeting or out of the office, it might take a significant amount of time to reach that person using software to increase plumbing salesand get the required answer to the customer. FieldSurf’s SMS messaging capabilities let everyone in your plumbing business communicate with everyone else in your company. In real time. If a tech in the field needs to answer a question from anyone in the company, he sends an SMS message. Everyone else in the company with authorized access can also see these SMS messages and can even be alerted when they come in. That way, a question posted by one of your techs in the field can be seen and answered immediately by you or anyone else in your company. You no longer need to call people, find people, get them out of meetings, or disrupt things in any way each time one of your field personnel needs to talk to one of your office personnel. This function of FieldSurf helps you increase plumbing sales.

But that’s not all. FieldSurf has many more features that automate your business and help you to increase plumbing sales. It has a superb Quotes feature, allowing you or your field technicians to provide quotes in the field to your customers and then track the quote and its additions and modifications until it becomes a contract. When you use FieldSurf to generate quotes, all parties know what prices, terms, and conditions have been quoted, and you can always refer back to the Quotes module if there is a dispute or disagreement down the line. Putting out more customer quotes is a key to increase plumbing sales. FieldSurf helps you get more quotes into more customers’ hands.

FieldSurf also helps your field techs increase plumbing sales with other features: when your Scheduler creates a new Work Order for a new service call, FieldSurf automatically creates a new Invoice for that Work Order. Gone are the days when your plumbing tech returned to the office to get an Invoice because he forgot to bring one — or he ran out. FieldSurf handles all this electronically — upon completion of the job, your customer signs off on your field tech’s smartphone, and the Invoice is emailed directly to your customer’s Inbox. If you can bill your customers faster, you can get paid faster. FieldSurf helps you track and control your Invoices from the creation of the initial Work Order until final payment in full.

One last feature of FieldSurf must be mentioned: it has the capability to post images and video to the system from anywhere. Let’s say your customer has a problem with his sewer There may be more than one solution to the customer’s problem, and your tech wants to consult with you or a supervisor to show him what;’s going on and to discuss the best approach to solving the problem. Your tech uses FieldSurf to show you or anyone else exactly what’s going on at the customer’s location, your customer can join in a text thread or a voice conference call, management can provide input from anywhere, and the best solution to a remote problem can be determined by a variety of your personnel all using a single platform — FieldSurf.

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