Automate Your Business With Locksmith Scheduling Software.

Running a successful locksmith business means you have to have your head in many places at the same time. You need to stay in touch with every department in your company, as well as with your technicians in the field. With all this on your mind, the last thing you want is to have errors in your scheduling and dispatching functions. So you’ve looked into locksmith scheduling software to try and automate these functions and make your life — and the lives of your personnel — so much easier. But there are many different types of locksmith scheduling software on the market. Some of them are stand-alone systems, others integrate with your other systems. Some of the systems on the market are easy to learn and use, some are hard to learn and use. Some systems are expensive, making you pay for more than you need, other systems cost less but may not deliver everything your locksmith business needs.

So how does one find the right locksmith scheduling software?

Save yourself a huge amount of time and trouble and head over to Sign up for a free demo of FieldSurf, the incredible field service management software system that is taking the locksmith business by storm — partly because it has has superb locksmith scheduling software built right in. FieldSurf’s locksmith software totally automates your locksmith scheduling and dispatch functions. No more mistakes, no more double booking, no more sending a locksmith to the wrong address, no more sending out a technician with the wrong part or equipment. FieldSurf contains everything a locksmith company needs to fully automate your scheduling.

Your field technicians use FieldSurf to clock in and out of every job site, so you know exactly how much time they spent there and also if they are still at the customer’s location or if they have left. Built-in SMS messaging enables everybody to be in touch with everybody else – your office staff, your field technicians, your customers, and of course you.

But FieldSurf is so much more than merely being locksmith scheduling software. FieldSurf totally automates every aspect of your locksmith business and instantly makes your business become more efficient. Let’s take a look at some of FieldSurf’s other incredible automation features.

Two Schedules – One for Incoming Calls, One for Scheduled Maintenance Calls.

Fieldsurf’s scheduling features go beyond mere scheduling and dispatching. FieldSurf actually has two calendars: one is for incoming new service calls and the other is for regularly scheduled maintenance work. Most locksmiths today handle more than just emergency lockout calls. You have regular clients who need scheduled maintenance work done at their home or place of business on a regular basis — a surveillance camera needs to be repointed, a controlled-access lock might need recalibrating, or a safe might need regular maintenance and lubrication.  FieldSurf lets you handle these two different calendar functions on two different calendars. There is a Calendar for incoming calls, and another Calendar for regular maintenance calls. And the system prevents you from double-booking your technicians: if a technician is booked to handle a scheduled maintenance call at a certain time, FieldSurf will not allow your scheduler to book that technician for a new incoming emergency service call.

Geofencing Lets You Pinpoint the Exact Location of All Your Field Technicians.

Another totally unique feature of FieldSurf is the way it keeps track of all your technicians in the field. Using GPS “geofencing”, the exact location of each of your field technicians is always visible on a GPS map.  So your dispatcher (and you) always know where everyone is at all times. Your field techs use FieldSurf to log in to a customer’s job the moment he arrives at the customer’s location, and then he logs out again when he has completed the job and leaves the customer’s location. So you always know which jobs have been completed and which jobs are still being worked on.  When a new service call comes in, your dispatcher can easily tell on the GPS map which technician is the closest to the new location, and he can then track the movement of every technician — even after the tech has clocked out of the last customer’s location. Your dispatcher can then dispatch the technician closest to the next job rather than sending someone over from far away. FieldSurf is easily the best and most efficient locksmith scheduling software on the market.

FieldSurf Automates Your Accounting & Reporting Like No Other Software.

FieldSurf gives you incredible access to and control over your accounting and reporting functions. Every detail about your locksmith service business is available at all times to anyone in your company that you give access to. Want to know your sales for the current period? FieldSurf will give you that information with a few clicks. Want to know which jobs have been completed and which jobs are still to be done? FieldSurf tells you that information in a heartbeat. Want to know which of your accounts are paid up and which accounts are still outstanding? Again, FieldSurf gives you this information in the palm of your hand. No more requesting your accounting department to generate reports and then waiting while those reports are generated. With FieldSurf, you generate your financial reports instantly.

FieldSurf Gives You Total Control Over Your Inventory.

FieldSurf is also unique in that it gives you total control over your Inventory. No other locksmith scheduling software has this capability built right in. Today, locksmith companies usually handle way more than just locks and keys – locksmiths today also often handle sales and installation of video surveillance cameras, sales and installation of controlled access locks, and also sell and maintain safes and other things which concern security. As the business owner, you always need to know exactly how much inventory you have on hand in your warehouse and in your technicians’ service vehicles. FieldSurf puts this all in the palm of your hand. You always know what you have in stock, and you never run out of product because FieldSurf alerts you when you run low on any item, so you can reorder before you run out. FieldSurf delivers your Inventory reports in real time – it will even reflect equipment sales made today. You always know exactly where you stand with FieldSurf.

So quit looking for locksmith scheduling software and get a demo of FieldSurf. It will blow you away with its capabilities and how it can help you bring your business into the 21st century.


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