Here’s Why Scheduling Software is Incredible Crucial for Your business.

We live in a world where every activity, especially in business, has become dependent on technology.  Thus every business owner who understands the huge potentials in leveraging technology is continually searching for ways to harness software and apps that will make their business a lot easier for them, and equally help them to maximize profits while saving time. Scheduling software is one of those ways to make your life easier. 

Every smart businessman recognizes the importance of saving time and having a solid schedule in meeting a deadline and ensuring customer satisfaction. Of equal importance Scheduling software being usedto running a successful business is communication between the staff both administrative and technical as well as between the staff and the customers. If any technological invention will prove useful and important to a business, it would be a piece of technology that improves your ability to communicate better and much more easily both within the staff of your organization as well as between customers.

This is an essential function every great scheduling software should perform alongside managing other parts of your business such as inventories and organizing.

Communication is key to running a successful business, you can hardly get by without proper communication between appropriate quarters, you need to communicate with your field technicians and give them all essential details of any job in other for them to deliver effectively and on time.

You need to keep your customers abreast about the status of their work, prepare an invoice and send it to them appropriately, your field technicians have to communicate with you and notify you of their location always. All these might seem like serious work, which it definitely is unless you have an automated assistant like FieldSurf.

FieldSurf is a cloud-based field service management software system that enables you to completely automate the process of communication in your business. Asides enabling you to organize your scheduling and dispatching, it also gives you an automated control over your inventory, locating your technicians in the field using GPS among other features, FieldSurf makes effective communication between administrative staff and your technical staff as well as your customers a breeze.

FieldSurf is a trendy way to ensure easy communication in your business. Before now, the process of communicating and sending messages to your staff when you are in the office is slow and manual involving lots of paperwork that has to be painstakingly prepared and addressed to each individual, it’s even worse when your technicians are in the field. Circulating information to each of them without knowing their exact location is usually a big challenge.

What Type of Features Does Our Scheduling Software Offer?

But now with FieldSurf, your dispatcher can easily identify which of your technicians are available and find their exact location using the FieldSurf GPS function, then he can effectively communicate with them and dispatch them to the next job whenever there is a call to request for their services. With all the needed information like the nature of the new job and the location where this service is required.

Another feature of the FieldSurf software which makes communication a breeze is its exclusive SMS texting function. This inbuilt feature is an integrated SMS texting function which allows you to communicate effectively with everyone in your company through the FieldSurf Dashboard.

Another highlight of this is that it not only makes communication easy, but it can be a great tool for record keeping and referencing as it keeps a permanent record of all information you pass across to your staff by saving all of the SMS messages sent to each of them. this comes in handy as a reference in case of a dispute over information between you and your technicians or you and your customers.

Another essential part of communication is getting information across to your customers. Manually preparing an invoice and sending it to your customer may sometimes be difficult work especially when you have a lot to handle at the same time. It could lead to a serious problem if you forget to prepare an invoice for your customers or you forget to send it.

However, with FieldSurf you don’t have to ever worry about this. This scheduling software automatically prepares an invoice for you anytime a work order comes in and automatically sends it to your customer’s Email once they sign that the work is completed. Leaving no communication gap at all between you and your customer.  By being able to submit your invoices faster, your payment is processed on time and you get paid quicker.

An essential part of communication is accurate record keeping and FieldSurf keeps a complete record of every correspondence you send out to your technicians, and every of your work orders and invoices so that you have little or no use for paperwork, yet every of your business information is well documented at the same time. So there is never a clash of information or breakdown in communication in your business.

FieldSurf makes every part of your business easy as cheese by giving you unlimited access to every information you need and fostering effective communication between all arms of your business. You don’t have to struggle with your accounts and inventory manager for information as FieldSurf provides and updates you with the status of your accounts as well as your inventory so that you are always aware of whenever an item is getting low in stock.

The software is easy to use and requires no form of programming skills at all, just simple drag and drop features that can be easily operated by all and every member of your technical team. It is can be operated on a mobile device and is entirely web-based. FieldSurf automates the entire process of your business. You can sign up for either the basic or enterprise module both with their unique features that make communication in your business totally easy and convenient. You will find out that with this software the entire process of dissemination information both within your staff and with your customers is a lot faster, and easier thus helping you serve your customers faster and making more profits in the long run.

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