Grow Your Home Service Business with Scheduling Software

So you have a business and you want to grow your home service business. You’ve heard about scheduling software that’s been created specifically for the home service business. But what exactly is scheduling software, how will it grow your home service business, and will it integrate with my computer system?

Good questions. Let’s take a look at exactly how scheduling software works and then we’ll take a look at what it can do for you.

When a call to request a service call comes in to your company, the person answering the phone needs to do a number of things: he has to determine the name of the customer; he has to determine if this is a new customer or a repeat customer. Then he has to determine the customer’s issue. If the customer needs a service tech to come out right away, your dispatcher then has to find who is available (preferably nearby), book him into the schedule for the current time slot, then he must communicate the new assignment to the assigned technician, together with the address of the customer.

If you’re not using automation, you’re doing too much work. Using the “old” ways, there was a ton of paperwork generated, paper records had to be kept on file for a long time, and retrieval of information about jobs done yesterday or done last month was a time-consuming operation. So was generating financial reports about any aspect of your business. Today, you can grow your service business with scheduling software in ways you never thought possible.

Let’s take a look at the features of FieldSurf. one of the leading field service management systems on the market today, and see how it can help you grow your service business.grow your home service business

As dispatching and scheduling software, FieldSurf is brilliant. Your dispatcher can see at a glance which technicians are available (and nearby) to dispatch efficiently to the next job. When your scheduler sets up a new Work Order for the new call, an Invoice for that job is set up at the same time. This prevents forgetting to create an invoice, which often happens in the analog world. And on completion of the job, your customer signs off for the work on your field tech’s smartphone and the customer’s invoice is emailed directly to the customer’s Inbox. No more returning to the office at the end of a busy day to write up invoices in triplicate and then have your accounting people send out the invoice later. Your invoice is submitted to the customer instantly. And when you bill faster, you get paid faster.

But FieldSurf is so much more than merely being scheduling software. FieldSurf is a comprehensive field service management system that automates every aspect of your service business like nothing else. Your entire business is at your fingertips with FieldSurf. Want to know exactly where all your field techs are at any time? FieldSurf lets you pinpoint every one of your techs in the field on its GPS map. You always know where everyone is. Need to know how much inventory you have on hand at any time? Business owners always need this information, but it was never readily available. Until FieldSurf. FieldSurf’s unique Inventory module lets you know in real time exactly how much inventory you have on hand at any one time. This is valuable because it always lets you know how much product you have on hand, and also alerts you when you get down to a predetermined level on any item so you can reorder before you run out of any item. And FieldSurf’s Inventory reports are given to you in real time: they will even reflect transactions done today.

Another very unique feature of FieldSurf which you get when you start using the scheduling software is FieldSurf’s exclusive SMS texting feature. This SMS texting feature is built in to FieldSurf – you don’t have to use your cell phone to communicate with your field techs — FieldSurf’s integrated SMS texting feature lets you communicate with everyone in your company through the dashboard. And it keeps a permanent record of all SMS text messages sent. This is useful when needing to settle disputes with your technicians or your customers. FieldSurf keeps a record of all correspondence generated, including all SMS text messages, all Work Orders and all Invoices, so you can refer to them later if there’s a problem or a dispute. FieldSurf allows you to reduce or eliminate most of your paperwork, while simultaneously creating a permanent electronic record of all transactions.

FieldSurf also acts as your company time-clock. Your field technicians use FieldSurf to clock in and out of each job and to clock in and out at the start and end of each working day.  This makes calculating hours worked and payroll due a cinch. FieldSurf can also calculate any commissions due to your technicians. It can also calculate exactly how much money you make on any job. What a way to grow your home service business. 

If you want to automate your service business and bring it into the 21st century, you need look no further than FieldSurf field service management software. FieldSurf is so much more than just being scheduling software for home service companies. It allows you to stay in control of every aspect of your business. All of FieldSurf’s reports are given in real time – whether it’s the location of your techs in the field, the status of every job, and the status of your accounts – with FieldSurf you always know exactly what’s going on in every aspect of your business. FieldSurf is easy to learn and easy to use. It is Internet-based, so there’s nothing to download or install. And if you’ve been using Quickbooks, you’ll be thrilled to know that FieldSurf integrates seamlessly and easily with Quickbooks: simply import your Quickbooks data into FieldSurf and you are up and running. Our software is designed for you to grow your home service business effortlessly.

FieldSurf is available in a Basic module and an Enterprise module. Select the features and functions you need, and see why FieldSurf is so much more than mere scheduling software – it will automate your entire business, and make you and your people more efficient. And you will likely even find that at the end of your first year using FieldSurf, you made more money than you did last year.


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