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The face of business everywhere is changing. Even for those running a carpet cleaning business, the wind of change is blowing around here too and keeping up to date with current trends is the smart thing to do. Fieldsurf’s software for carpet cleaners is one of those hot products that’s automating and streamlining carpet cleaning businesses across the country. 

FieldSurf is the software for carpet cleaners that is revolutionizing the way business is done. Plumbers, locksmiths, pest control and those in the carpet cleaning business are benefiting from the myriad advantages and benefits of using FieldSurf to organize and manage their business. Business owners who are currently enjoying its immense benefits, admit without any doubts that FieldSurf is a major game changer that has helped them to automate all aspects of the daily running of their business, boost sales, lessen order response time and improve customer satisfaction. By automating scheduling and dispatches, payroll, accounting and managing carpet cleaners workinginventory, your business is not only much more organized but completely revamped, and optimized to keep up with how business is meant to be carried out in a technology ruled word. Here are some of the ways FieldSurf is changing the game in carpet cleaning.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Even for the most efficient of dispatch officers, handling your customer schedules and dispatching your cleaning staff to where their services are needed can still be hampered by irregularities and errors. Orders could get mixed up and your cleaning staff could be sent to the wrong address. It was also really difficult to know which of your staff is free and open for a new order or to locate the person best suited for a job based on proximity to where the service is needed.

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All that was before FieldSurf. Now with this software, the face of the game has changed and the irregularities like clashes in schedules are completely eliminated. Your dispatch staff can now rest easy knowing that locating a staff member to take up a new order is just one click away. In just seconds they can locate who is free and who isn’t and communicate to them accurately the address of the new order. It’s a simple, easy and automated process free from all the stress and hassles of the past.

Staff Management

Another aspect of your carpet cleaning business that has been revolutionized is the way you pay your staff. Whether you staff size is large or small, you have to admit keeping tabs on every one of them isn’t always an easy business. One of the most essential parts of every business is being able to keep your staff accountable and also being able to satisfy your own obligations and make payments fairly. It is a tedious process. Getting each staff to sign in when they arrive and clock out when they leave, knowing when your staff arrives at a job location and how much time they spent there and being able to tell when they leave, preparing their payroll based on jobs completed and any commission accrued in the process. It is a rigorous process with loads of paperwork.

With FieldSurf, things have changed. You can tell exactly when your staff arrives at an order location and when they leave, know when they arrive at work and when they clock off to leave for the day. FieldSurf automatically calculates each worker’s pay based on the number of hours worked and even includes commissions on any job and takes the stress off you. No more complicated time slips and payment vouchers. And you don’t have to wait till the end of the month or week or whatever period you pay your staff before you access their payment information. You can know how much each worker has earned at any instant and at any point within a payment period.

Inventory and Bills Management

FieldSurf has also changed the way you manage inventory for your carpet cleaning business. Every brush, glove, mask, cleaning agent or detergent you buy is entered into FieldSurf and is checked out each time they are taken out of your store. This way FieldSurf helps monitor your inventory and lets you know before you run too low on any item in stock. Inventory management just got a lot easier with FieldSurf, maybe your staff can forget to inform you when you need to get new equipment but not FieldSurf.

FieldSurf also eliminates all the paperwork issues associated with sending bills to your customer with the electronic invoicing system that automatically send the invoice on any job completed to your customers instantly. That way you can never forget to send the bill and your payment is prepared faster.

Of course, with all these electronic inventory and bill management, you are saving a lot of paper which is green, isn’t it? We can proudly say that FieldSurf is eco-friendly too.

On-the-Go Accounting

Even with an accounting software, preparing a financial report could take days depending on the volume of your business. But with FieldSurf in the game things are a lot different now. Accounting is now made easy and in the palms of your hand anytime and anywhere you need it. You know where your business stands at every point in time, how much sales you are making, how much profit you have made within a specific time frame or over a long period of time.

It’s a great way to know how your business is performing, what period of the year your services as a cleaner are in highest demand, make a comparison between specific periods, or access your success in certain geographical areas, all on the go. This helps you prepare better for the coming days and make more well-informed decisions to boost sales and increase profits.

The best thing about this game-changing software is that all these seemingly complicated processes are integrated into a very easy-to-use interface so that a staff with no expertise in programming and little computer proficiency can still effectively handle the software on a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Just take a moment and Schedule a FieldSurf Demo and you will be convinced that it is just the right tool you need to stay one step head ahead of the game in your carpet cleaning business.

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