The Best Available Garage Door Installer Software

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When you are managing a business, both brains and brawns are important. A garage door installer software might not seem like much (heck!!! even the name suggests its meant for soft and simple things) but a good software can help you do some heavy lifting as well. If you don’t agree that’s true, wait till you try out FieldSurf, the field service software everyone in the industry is talking about.

FieldSurf can be considered the best available software for garage door installer because unlike others which are meant to handle little aspects of business singly, this software can combine all the activities that make the day to day running your business possible and still be simple and easy to use.

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With FieldSurf, you can conveniently do away with all the software you have been using before that have only been able to satisfy one aspect of your business needs. What you want your software to do for you is put everything together or a simple, easy-to-use interface. This makes it possible to manage all your business operations all in one place. Here are some of the basic things the best software for the garage installer will help you to do better and faster.

Garage Door Installer Software Scheduling

As someone in the home service industry, you need to keep a well-organized schedule. All calls and request for your services need to be accurately organized in such a way that they do not clash with each other both in terms of date, time and technician to handle the task.

To do this effectively, FieldSurf helps you keep a calendar for first-time jobs and a separate one for regularly scheduled ones. The beauty of this is that all your orders are scheduled in such a way that they don’t clash with each other and your field techs can never get double booked. Everyone gets their own time slots and you cannot fix a new job for an already occupied time slots


Being able to seamlessly dispatch tasks to your installers in the field is another very important feature of the best software for garage doors installers. Doing this smoothly involves a number of important steps:

  • Locating your field techs: accurately locating your techs in the field is an important aspect of dispatching correctly. FieldSurf Geofencing feature makes it easy to correctly determine where your field techs are anytime.
  • Determining their availability: you must also be able to tell whether your field techs are available to take an order or not. Knowing who is free and who isn’t is an integral part of accurate dispatching something FieldSurf helps you to do accurately. Your Field techs always clock in and out of whenever they arrive on-site to take an order, that way you are never in the dark about where they are and what they are doing
  • Communicate: one of the many problems of dispatching is the time wasted in sometimes the issue of effective communication between base and field and vice versa. With FieldSurf, communication between your dispatch staff and your field tech is a total breeze. FieldSurf SMS messaging features makes it possible to send messages and updates about work orders or any other type of information from base to field and the other way round in real time. Thus eliminating delays and increasing effectiveness.

FieldSurf can also be used as a collaborative tool between techs in the field. They can share pictures and details of what they are working from and request from help from others that are not physically present with them.

Accounting and payroll management

FieldSurf also gives you total control over your company’s accounting information and financial statement. It eliminates all the stress of getting a comprehensive financial information ready when you need it. Rather than having to wait for weeks for your accounting department to get all the information you need ready, accounting with FieldSurf takes mere second.

You get an overview of all your company’s financial details in real time. in addition to accurate accounting report, FieldSurf also provides you with important business data that will be valuable for planning your garage door installation business in coming days. FieldSurf provides you with metrics that measure your business performance so that you can make better, well-informed decisions.

Payroll management: Managing your worker’s payroll is also a lot easy with Field Surf. Using information based on the number of hours spent at work and all bonuses and commissions accrued, FieldSurf can calculate how much each of your staff and makes it available for you on the go. The best part is that you don’t even have to wait until the end of a payment period to have access to this information. You get comprehensive information about worker’s payroll instantly anytime you need it.

Inventory management

Proper inventory management is another important aspect of the business; being able to keep track of what you have, what goes in and goes out of your business might look simple, but it can be complicated too.

FieldSurf helps you take to keep track of all things inventory related in your business. Every item that goes into your store is recorded on the garage door installer software and everything that is taken out is also noted. You will always be able to access what you have in stock and what has been used up at every point in time. FieldSurf also informs you of dwindling items in your stock

With proper inventory management, you are also better equipped to respond to customer inquiries. You can confidently inform your client about garage door parts you have in stock and what you don’t have without having to waste time checking manually.

Get Paid

FieldSurf helps you to get paid faster. Processing payment is one of the essential aspects of running a garage installation business that is not always easy to handle. Amidst the endless paperwork both on your side and on the client’s side payments end up getting delayed for days or even weeks. All of these can be avoided with FieldSurf.

Invoicing: FieldSurf helps you to prepare bills and invoices faster than ever. Rather than wait till the end of a task to start preparing an invoice, FieldSurf prepares an invoice automatically alongside a work order. What’s more, it also sends the invoice for you automatically whenever an order is completed. That way, you not only avoid errors but you also do away with unnecessary delays in payment processing. This is a crucial feature for any garage door installer software.

On-site payment processing: FieldSurf also fosters faster payment through on-site payment processing with FieldSurf you can get paid directly on the field without stress. FieldSurf’s on-site processing function makes it possible to receive payments on-site thus eliminating days of delays. This makes business easy both for you and your client. They can pay you and move on with their lives and you can be on your way to serving the next clients immediately as well.

Fieldsurf is readily available at a very affordable cost for all field service businesses including garage door installers. In fact, Fieldsurf is America’s most affordable field service software and is a versatile tool for business. All businesses whether small-scale or large can make use of this software. With FieldSurf, you get all the features listed above and even more. FieldSurf offers core and enterprise packages based on the size of your business and the functionality that you want both at incredibly affordable fees.

FieldSurf is also convenient and simple to use. You don’t have to spend money on buying any special devices or purchasing software packages to download. Also, your office staff and field techs will find this garage door installer software absolutely easy to use. They do not require any special skill or knowledge of programming to use the software and it is accessible on all type of devices without any restrictions at all. it is the all in one tool every garage door installer must have.