The Top 10 Plumbing Blogs

As a business owner in the plumbing industry, it is one thing to identify the importance of getting information online to boost your business. But another challenge is knowing exactly where to get all you need. Plumbing customers face the same challenge too. Sifting through the various contents that are available online to finding the one that will provide much need information concerning all their plumbing related issues, buying and installation of plumbing parts as well as hiring the best technicians to handle your plumbing. This is where plumbing blogs come into play. 

Blogs are your best bet for streamlined online information as it pertains to the plumbing industry but finding the best blogs to get the latest information can be a challenge within itself. Besides our top of the line plumbing software, we have compiled 10 of the top plumbing blogs you and everyone in the industry should read:

Mr. Speedy Plumbing

This is the official blog of Mr. Speedy Plumbing and Rooter Inc., the fastest-growing independent plumbing contractor in southern California providing all types of residential and commercial plumbing services. Mr. Speedy plumbing blog is an all-in-one online resource that provides comprehensive and top quality information, tips and latest in trends and technology from the plumbing industry.

Mr. Speedy is one of the best plumbing blogs out there. It is a comprehensive guide for customers looking to hire professional plumbers or in need of valuable information on repairs, installation, and maintenance. Industry professionals will also find important technical plumbing tips as well as information relating to running a successful plumbing business.

What you can find on Mr. Speedy Plumbing

  • Tips, information, and guide to picking the best plumbing company for residential and commercial repairs
  • Best practices in plumbing maintenance, repairs, and management
  • Frequently asked plumbing questions and answers by industry professionals
  • Plumbing tips for homeowners and professionals
  • Tips to grow you plumbing business

Mr. Speedy plumbing focuses on customer engagement by providing an informational guide that is easier to understand than the highly technical information that you might find on other blogs.

Mr. Rooter

It’s hard to carry out a search on plumbing blogs online without Mr. Rooter plumbing blog popping up. And for good reasons too. Mr. Rooter is one of the leading names in the plumbing industry and one of the most recognized. This blog offers advanced and high-quality insights in plumbing for homeowners as well as professionals in the plumbing industry.

What can you find on Mr. Rooter?

Mr. Rooter blog has an archive of plumbing articles that goes as far back as the year 2011. The various categories covered by the blog includes:

  • Plumbing News: the latest in trends, technology and general news from the plumbing industry for both homeowners and technicians.
  • Plumbing tips for homeowners on popular plumbing repairs and tips to avoid plumbing damages as well as for plumbing professionals
  • Safety: Important safety tips in keeping you and your home safe as it relates to your plumbing issues.
  • DIY tips and How to Videos: simple hacks and tips on handling simple plumbing issues and better plumbing practices with instructional videos
  • Recipes: yes, a plumbing blog that posts recipes, how cool is that?

Asides the what and how’s of plumbing, Mr. Rooter also offers a number of non-technical plumbing information includes news on awards, leadership, community, and a host of other top quality articles from seasoned and experienced plumbing professionals.

The Plumbing Info

The Plumbing Info offers valuable informational articles for the seasoned industry experts as well as for Do-it-Yourself tips for handy homeowners who want some insights on simple plumbing tips and repairs. The blog offers a comprehensive guide on a wide range of topics including reviews of the latest technology in the industry as well as tips for customers in the plumbing industry,

What can you find on Mr. Rooter?

One of the best thing about this blog is that it is segmented into posts for professionals in the field and posts that are consumer-centered which makes for easy navigation. So if you are a pro you get just information just important to you such as:

  • Plumbing code
  • Plumbing definition and terminologies
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Plumbing stories, as well as in-jokes only plumbers in the know, can make sense of

For the consumer related posts, the blog covers articles about

  • Troubleshooting various plumbing issues
  • DIY and How to tips
  • Installation guides
  • Frequently asked questions among others

You can also find the latest industry news and customers can make use of the plumbing info directory to find and hire plumbers around them. There is also a section for the Cranky customer which plumbing technicians can find the information they will find quite useful in dealing with their customers.

 Plumbing Perspective

This site powered by mechanical hub is dedicated mainly for the professionals in the plumbing industry. You will find the latest information on the newest technologies and trends in the plumbing industry. The blog takes articles submissions from pros in the industry and is also a platform for individuals as well as companies to interact and share information and experience.

What you will find in plumbing perspective:

  • Videos: you will find both featured videos and industry supplied video reviews of various technologies and equipment important to plumbers.
  • Articles and industry news: you can get the latest news and features articles covering various aspects of the plumbing industry
  • Pro staff reviews: balanced and top quality review articles by the seasoned pro staff members of the site
  • Products: you can also get information about various innovative products, shoptalk, and toolbox which features highly informative articles about different tools and equipment that a plumber should never leave home without as well as regular product spotlight that x-rays all the features of a particular product.

The blog asides by a hub for unique and original information for contractors and professionals is also a great place to network for manufacturers and professionals in the plumbing industry.

Plumbing Tips and Tricks

This site is the official blog of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a top brand and one of the leading names in the plumbing industry. The blog is published in partnership with Mike Row of “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe” and offers top quality plumbing content professionals and homeowners will find highly instructive and useful. The articles and posts featured on this blog offer critical insights as well as important plumbing solutions and latest industry trends. Another top plumbing blog for people in the industry!

What you will find on Plumbing Tips and Tricks:

With a blog archive that runs to as far back as 2014, this blog as the name implies provides:

  • simple tricks and tips for basic home repairs
  • tips on water conservation, what to expect and how to deal with plumbing professionals,
  • latest home design fixtures and appliances,
  • general plumbing information about the various parts of your home plumbing system from pumps, to heaters, toilets, tubs sinks and showers among others.

There is also a section for frequently asked questions to answer different troubleshooting questions you might be having as well as a section you can use to speak to an expert about your plumbing issues.

Plumber Mag

Next up on our list of plumbing blogs, is Plumber magazine. Both a hard copy print magazine as well as an online resource that offers top quality information for industry professionals and homeowners. Whether you are a subscriber to the magazine or not, the website contains latest information and industry articles, news for business owners and plumbing technicians and interviews of industry personalities.

What you can find in Plumber magazine:

  • Information about industry manufacturers and dealers
  • Classifieds: you can view classifieds as well as place adverts on your own
  • Equipment directory: company and equipment directories as well as buyer’s guide
  • Videos: video reviews of various plumbing tools and equipment and how to use them. You will also find videos and articles on Water and Wastewater Equipment Treatment and Transport Show.
  • Business marketing and sales related articles

You can also subscribe to the magazine newsletter and also get access on industry whitepapers, case studies, and brochures.

Contractor Mag

The contractor Mag is an offline as well as online publication for all mechanical contracting industries which includes the plumbing. Thus you can get from the blog a bird’s eye view of trends and events as it relates to the national home service industry with all the information you need on the plumbing industry as well. The blog provides readers with updates on the latest in conferences and exposes as well as technologies and tools that business will find valuable in running their business.

What you can find on Contractor Mag

  • Business management: an all-you-need-to-know tool for running a successful contracting business with important tools you will find valuable
  • Technology, tools, and trends in the plumbing industry
  • Training resources for professionals
  • History of plumbing
  • Industry laws, legislation and best practices
  • Webinars and white papers

The blog has been around for more than 30 years, so you will agree if we say that it is one of the best plumbing blogs out there. It is a reliable source of information relating to the plumbing industry for homeowners, plumbing technicians, and homeowners in the plumbing industry. This is one of the plumbing blogs that doesn’t update very frequently, but the topics available on the site is quite informative and tackles various relevant issues relating to the modern plumbing industry.

What you can find on the

With an archive that dates back to 1987, there is no telling the wealth of plumbing information available on this blog. Posts on the site cover various categories including:

  • General plumbing news: you can get various updates and news concerning the plumbing industry as well as general plumbing information, DIY tips, plumbing hacks and tricks among others
  • Health and safety information: there is a long list of articles covering health and safety as it relates to the plumbing industry, safety issues as well as recall information of various kinds.
  • Water conservations: the blog also offers various tips and important information on how to prevent leaks and conserve water as well as information on finding and fixing leaks in the home
  • Plumbing history: you can go down the memory lane of plumbing with plumbing history dating as far back as the time of the Babylonian empire, Roman empire, ancient American plumbing among others. there is a huge bank of information you can explore just for fun or valuable plumbing knowledge

The website also contains important plumbing FAQs as well as a plumbing handbook that contains a detailed guide for homeowners, professionals, and businesses.

PHCP Pros blog

The Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Piping” blog provides high level and top quality news, information and reference resources, that business owners and professionals in the home service industry will find more than valuable. It provides all the needed information to build, manage, and compete in the home services industry especially for plumbing engineers, distributors, and contractors.

What you will find on PHCP pros:

The website contains an extensive archive of information, articles, and news that covers various aspects of the home services industry:

  • Information on products and tools
  • Articles providing valuable information on various aspects of projects in commercial and residential buildings
  • How to tips
  • Important information for businesses from the latest in technology, to associations, buying groups, codes, and standards.

The website also offers tools for advertisement and classifieds as well as buyers’ guide for various products and services. One of our favorite plumbing blogs!

Grow Plumbing

This is not a blog about the screw and nuts of plumbing. Rather, it is one of the plumbing blogs that is an online resource for businesses and business owners in the plumbing industry to grow their business and make the most of the sales and marketing efforts. It provides valuable information business owners and professionals in the plumbing business will find useful in terms on getting huge ROI on advertising, leveraging social media tools for marketing, and a lot of other information that will help steer your plumbing business in the right direction.

What can you find on Grow plumbing blog?

  • Hiring tips for business owners: valuable information and tips on best practices in hiring technicians for your company
  • Technological innovations: the latest technology, software, and applications that will help grow your plumbing business
  • Social media trends and search engine optimization tools: how to leverage social media to build your brand, market your business, and increase coverage and sale
  • Marketing and advertisement tips that are important to growing a successful plumbing company
  • Business management tips

The website also provides a directory of plumbing companies as well as job listings. There is also a software review page among other tools that you will find quite instructive to growing your plumbing business.

While this list is by no means an exhaustive list and there are a host of other blogs that cover the plumbing industry. This list contains some of the most trusted and reliable names in the plumbing industry you should check out. Happy reading!