How to Grow an HVAC Company Using Automation

Today, everyone in the field service business is talking about automation. Automation is the best way to grow an HVAC company and it makes your business more efficient: there are fewer mistakes, it eliminates double-booking and double -invoicing, you can bill your customers electronically, you get instant financial reports, and all of this information can be generated in real time.

The best way to grow your service company, whether you are in the plumbing business, the electrical business, or you want to grow an HVAC company, is through automation. Industrial production has been automated for about a century. Massive increases in production capabilities were made possible by industrial automation. But the service business had to wait another hundred years to become automated. Until recently, there was no way for owners of service businesses to take advantage of developments in automation: if you needed to grow an HVAC company or a plumbing service company, you had to do it manually. All that has now changed since the advent of the Internet and field service management software.

FieldSurf, the top field service management system on the market, now enables owners of service companies to bring their business into the 21st century. FieldSurf allows you to grow an HVAC company by automating every element of your business and becoming more efficient at everything you do.

Let’s look at four distinct ways you can now grow an HVAC company through automation using FieldSurf:

1. Automation of Scheduling & Dispatching.

FieldSurf totally automates your scheduling and dispatching function. At a single glance, your dispatcher can see the entire day’s Calendar, and quickly schedule the next job in the next available time-slot. Simultaneously, the creation of the new Work Order for that job also creates the Invoice – so your technicians never forget to generate the Invoice. The location of every one of your field technician can be pinpointed using FieldSurf’s GPS map, and it gives the tech directions to the customer’s location. FieldSurf also enables your tech to instantly email the Invoice to the customer upon completion of every job. If you Invoice faster, you get paid faster. That’s just one of the advantages of automating your HVAC business using FieldSurf.

2. Automation of Inventory Control

Another wonderful feature of FieldSurf is its ability to totally handle Inventory control. With FieldSurf, you always know exactly how much inventory you have in your warehouse. When one of your technicians takes an item from the warehouse and puts it in his service vehicle, FieldSurf tells you that the item in question is no longer in the warehouse, it is in your technician’s vehicle. And when your technician sells that item, FieldSurf notes the transaction. FieldSurf also notifies you when you are getting low on any item before you run out, and it advises you what to reorder and when.

3. Automation of Accounting & Payroll

FieldSurf also totally automates your accounting department and your payroll function. Before automation, if you needed a report from your accounting department about payroll due for the current period or any other financials for the period, you used to have to request a report, the accounting people would scramble to generate that report, and you might have had to wait hours or even days before you receive your requested data so you can make some informed decisions. At any time, you can access FieldSurf to tell you how many hours have been worked in the current period, so you can prepare your payroll without problems. You can compare these payroll figures with figures from any other period, and you always know where you stand. No more sitting Field-Surf-Login-on-Tabletthrough endless meetings listening to accounting reports after your accounting people have spent major time to generate these reports. You or your staff can access FielDSurf from anywhere – from a desktop or tablet computer, and even from a smartphone.

4. Automation of Financial Reporting

FieldSurf’s reporting capabilities extend far beyond simple reporting about hours worked and payroll due. FieldSurf can generate a huge amount of financial reporting so you can stay on top of your financials at all times. With FieldSurf, anyone with Admin-level clearance can generate any financial report instantly. FieldSurf can tell you what sales you have made for the period, and you can compare those sales figures with sales figures for any other period — going back years if you want.  It also tells you which of your field techs are doing well and which ones may need some encouragement. FieldSurf will calculate the cost of each job, and show you how much money you made on each job. It also tells you how your CSRs are doing. And all these reports are generated in real time. No more waiting hours or even days for reports. You get your reports instantly so you can make informed decisions. FieldField’s reporting capabilities will change the way you do business.

Choose the Right Field Service Management Software

There are many different kinds of field service management software on the market today. FieldSurf is the only field service management system that does everything you need to automate your business and bring it into the 21st century. FieldSurf enables you to fully automate every aspect of your service business. It automates your Scheduling and Dispatch function, it automates financial record keeping, it calculates your payroll due for any period, it automates your financial reporting, and it totally controls your Inventory so you never run short of inventory or supplies. Before you consider a field service management system to grow an HVAC company, look at FieldSurf. Your office staff will love FieldSurf, your field techs will love FieldSurf, and your accounting people will love FieldSurf. It makes everyone in your company more efficient, and so makes everyone’s job easier. You and your staff will love FieldSurf and what it can do for your service company.

Call FieldSurf today and ask for a demo. FieldSurf is entirely Internet based, so there’s nothing to download and install. And FieldSurf is accessible from any computer — desktop, tablet or smartphone. It’s easy to implement and easy to use. And it even integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks. Download FieldSurf today and you can be up and running with your new automated management control system on the same day. You will be amazed at what FieldSurf can do for your business.  


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