You’ve heard a lot about field service management software recently. You’ve heard it will streamline your HVAC business. You’ve heard that field service management software will make every department in your company more efficient, mistakes will be eliminated, paperwork will be reduced, your customers get billed electronically (which means you get paid faster), it can handle your inventory, it can calculate your payroll, and it can generate instant financial reports on every aspect of your business. And it delivers all of this in real time. So how do we know if FieldSurf is the right HVAC software for your company?

FieldSurf Gives You Total Inventory Control.

Do you always know exactly how much inventory you have in your warehouse at any given time? FieldSurf enables you to keep a total handle on your inventory of parts and supplies at all times. When items arrive in your warehouse, they are entered into FieldSurf’s inventory module: a scan of the product is entered, together with the product barcode and the number of units received. Whenever a technician takes any item of equipment from the warehouse, FieldSurf notes that this item has been removed from the warehouse and has been placed in the technician’s service vehicle. When the technician sells the item to your customer, FieldSurf notes the sale of that item on the customer’s Work Order and also on his Invoice, and deducts one unit of the item from the technician’s inventory and also from your warehouse inventory.


With FieldSurf’s inventory control function, you always know exactly how much inventory of any item you have at any given time. Then, when your stock on hand of any item drops below a predetermined number, FieldSurf informs you, so you can reorder before you run out of any item. If you run out of a needed item, you can lose a sale, or you may have to go out and buy the item at full retail and not get any price break so you won’t make your usual amount of money. FieldSurf’s inventory control function lets you stay on top of your inventory at all times. And your inventory reports are in real time – they can reflect sales made in the last day or even in the last hour. No other field service management program on the market lets you manage your inventory the way FieldSurf does.


FieldsSurf Automates Your Scheduling & Dispatch Functions.

Before there was HVAC software, scheduling and dispatch were done manually in most companies. If you used a computer program, it was a third-party program and certainly did not integrate every aspect of your business the way FieldSurf does. And the old way could lead to several problems, including double booking a time slot, sending two different technicians to the same location, sending a technician to the wrong location, or sending the wrong technician to the right location. In all cases, that caused problems, wasted time, and caused customer frustration. With FieldSurf as your HVAC software, your entire scheduling and dispatch function is now fully automated and virtually foolproof. Dispatchers can see at a glance which time slots are free and which are already scheduled. And they can also see on a single map exactly where each of your field technicians is situated at any given time. So when a new service call comes in from Santa Monica, and you have a technician in nearby Malibu and another in far away Orange County, your dispatcher can instantly see on FieldSurf’s GPS map exactly where everyone is, and can assign the tech in Malibu to proceed to the Santa Monica job location when he has completed his job in Malibu. This saves time and money, making everyone more efficient and reducing errors and downtime while errors need to be rectified.

FieldSurf Automates Your Payroll Function

Another reason why FieldSurf is the best HVAC software is because it totally automates your payroll function. Your field technicians use FieldSurf as a time clock – both for the start and end of their workdays and also when they arrive at each job site and when they leave. It can then calculate the hours worked for each of your field technicians. Fieldsurf also calculates the total expenses of materials and equipment from any job, then calculates the amount of commission due (if any). FieldSurf tells you which jobs are making you money, and which jobs are costing you money. It also tells you which technicians are performing well and which ones are not. Gone are the days of manually calculating payroll from timesheets. FieldSurf does it all for you. And it does it in real time. On any day, you can always access your payroll figures and know exactly how much payroll is due next pay period.

FieldSurf Automates Your Accounting Department.

If that’s not enough, FieldSurf’s HVAC software completely automates your accounting department. In an instant, you always know the exact status of every one of your accounts. You always know which jobs have been completed and which jobs are still open. You know which invoices have been submitted and which invoices still need to be submitted. You know which invoices have been paid and which accounts are still outstanding. FieldSurf puts all of this in the palm of your hand. No more waiting for your accounting department to generate reports about your financials. You or you accounting people can instantly generate those reports at any time. FieldSurf is accessible from a desktop computer, a tablet computer, and also from any smartphone – meaning you can access any aspect of your business from anywhere.

If you are looking for the best HVAC software, look no further than FieldSurf. It totally automates every aspect of your business, and brings your business into the 21st century. FieldSurf is easy to learn and easy to use. You can be up and running the day you register with FieldSurf: simply enter your customers’ data into FieldSurf and you are good to go. And if you have been using Quickbooks, you will be delighted to know that FieldSurf integrates easily with Quickbooks: simply import your Quickbooks data into FieldSurf and you’re ready to go. FieldSurf is 100% Internet based. There is nothing to download. Start using FieldSurf today and you’ll see why it is the top-rated HVAC software on the market today.


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