Make Sure You Do Your Research Before Choosing a Software for Plumbers

Everyone is talking about automation today. There are a variety of types of software for plumbers on the market, all of which promise to automate your business, make your life easier, make the jobs of your employees easier, and help you make more money in your business.

But which is the right plumbing software for your company? There are many different options available on the market today. When choosing a software for plumbers, you must ask yourself some important questions. Will it do everything you need it to do? Will it really automate your business or will you still need to duplicate everything with a paper trail? Is it scalable, so I can grow with the software as my company grows, or will I have to buy another system when my company grows?

So before you can decide on a software for plumbers, you need to ask yourself these major questions and get satisfactory answers before you decide which is the best software for plumbers.

1. Does it Automate Scheduling & Dispatch?

Fast Scheduling and efficient Dispatching are key to running a successful plumbing company. FieldSurf totally automates your Scheduling and Dispatching functions. No more double-booking, no more missed service calls because the technician couldn’t find the customer’s location – FieldSurf sends your technicians to the customer’s location using GPS, and sends them via the shortest, most efficient route. Schedule changes can be made by your dispatcher with a single click – they love that. And your dispatch personnel can locate any field technician anywhere in the field. Your technicians clock into a job site when he arrives, and clocks out when he’s done. So you always know exactly where every technician is at all times, which jobs have been completed and which jobs are still outstanding. FieldSurf’s software for plumbers also allows your techs to bill your customer electronically: at the completion of the assignment, the customer signs off on the work, and the tech emails the Invoice to your customer’s Inbox. No more issuing Invoices in triplicate, no more visits to the accounting department at the end of the day to hand in technicians’ invoices and hours worked. And when you Invoice faster, you get paid faster.

2. Does it Automate Inventory Control?

Do you know exactly how many water heaters are in your warehouse right now? How many water heaters are in your technicians’ trucks? How many toilet systems do you have on hand right now? How many faucets do you have on hand at the moment. With FieldSurf’s software for plumbers, you always know exactly how much inventory you have on hand at any one time. When you start using FieldSurf, you scan in all your product, including picture, product specs and the product barcode, and you can track the movement of every item in your inventory. You know when an item is sold, when another unit is placed in a technician’s truck, and when you are running low on any item. With FieldSurf’s inventory control, you never run out of product. Nor do you have to tie up excess capital holding more inventory than you need.

3. Does it Automate Payroll?

Before field service management software became available, payroll calculation for plumbing companies and all field service businesses used to be a real headache. You had to import data from the time clock, then manually calculate the payroll due to each employee. FieldSurf’s software for plumbers does your payroll calculation instantly. At any time, you, your accounting department, and your employees can check hours worked and payroll due. FieldSurf totally automates your payroll function. It calculates hours worked and also commission due. FieldSurf calculates the cost of each job, so you always know exactly how much money you made on each job.

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4. Does It Automate Financial Reporting?

Financial reporting with FieldSurf is a dream. At any time, you or any other authorized employee in your company can access your financials at any time. In addition to calculating payroll, FieldSurf gives you access to all your financials at any time. With a single click, you know instantly where your business stands at any time. You can generate reports about sales for any period, you can compare sales between any two periods, you can tell exactly how much each job costs you and how much money you made on every job you did in your company.

5. Is it Affordable & Easy to Learn?

A field service management system for plumbing companies should be both affordable and easy to learn. With FieldSurf, you can be up and running the day you sign up. Simply register your company as a FieldSurf user, enter your customer data, and you’re happening on the first day. FieldSurf is easy to use and easy to learn. There is nothing to download. If you have been using Quickbooks for your accounting and tax calculation, FieldSurf integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks, so you can carry on using the accounting system that you are comfortable with.

And FieldSurf is very affordable. It has two options: a Core option and an Enterprise option. Check out the features of FieldSurf and decide which features you need for your business. You only pay for those features that you need.

At the end of the day, you will be quite satisfied that FieldSurf is the right software for plumbers. It totally automates every aspect of your plumbing business: no more guesswork, no more double-billing or double-booking. No more wasted time waiting for reports – everything is available in real time. With FieldSurf, your business becomes more efficient, your staff are happier, and you actually make more money.

Since FieldSurf is Internet based, it can be accessed from anywhere. Everything is accessible to you from a single dashboard. FieldSurf can be accessed from a desktop computer, from a tablet computer, and even from a smartphone. That means you can access FieldSurf’s powerful assignment and reporting features from any location – in the office, in the field, and even from your home or the beach. With FieldSurf you can always stay on top of your business – wherever you are. And all reporting is in real time – so you always know exactly where your business stands at all time.


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